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Goshen Fellowship

A gathering place for believers and seekers 


Teaching the Bible as the Word of God.

Worship, prayer, ministry, friendship.


Sunday @10 am



Goshen Fellowship is a non-denominational New Testament church in the Metro-East St. Louis. We teach the Bible as the Word of God and seek to raise up a people who love Jesus Christ and follow Him with whole heartedness. We seek to love God and people in obedience to the Two Great Commandments of Jesus.  Our mission is to raise up disciples of Jesus through our Bible studies and Sunday gatherings, the breaking of bread together as meet in each other's homes and praying together.  Though we are a separate ministry from Goshen House, we share the same values and provide support. We also encourage people to join in the prayer room ministry. 

Please consider joining us on a Sunday morning at 10AM or contact us at and we would be glad to send you more information.  

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